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Best way to speak and understand Spanish extremely fast
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Award winning resource and bestseller which will help you learn Spanish 100X faster
All you need to know about the Spanish language is hand-picked and condensed in a clear and understandable form on 40 pages.

If you will learn it, you will speak Spanish.

Explore the content below to learn more how easy and simple it is to conquer the second most popular language in the world ...

Why it's so efective

Why is this resource so unique, and why it will make you learn spanish 100X faster:

● A common problem is that there are 2 Spanish synonyms for almost every single English word. It means that you can learn a word “andar” which means “to walk” and somebody will use “caminar” which means exactly the same “to walk” and you will not understand what the person is saying. In this book all popular double words are presented side by side.

● Another challenge for people who wish to learn Spanish is that many words are very similar. They just differ with one letter or just an accent. In this book you will see side by side similar words so you will notice the subtle differences from the very beginning.

● Many words have a word that is their opposite. For example “fast”-”slow”. In this book you will see them side by side which makes learning much easier.

● The super difficult conjugations are presented here in a very clear form where you can compare many different words in the same tense.

● This guide boasts more than 1000 most popular Spanish words which are extremely useful in any situation.

Have fun learning Spanish


Sample pages

Short video (21sec.) showcasing the book:

Physical copy by mail

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The point of this book is to keep everything about Spanish language in one place. For only €20 you will receive the essence of Spanish language.

Door to door delivery
(also for tourists)

In Marbella (Spain) from San Pedro to Cabopino (Puerto Banús, Nueva Andalucía, Elviria and more) the book can be delivered directly to the place of your choosing (also to the hotel if you are just visiting Marbella), just drop an email or whatsapp.
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BookWorld - Puerto Banús

Also if you live in Marbella (Spain), the book is available in the bookshop "BookWorld" in Puerto Banus opposite Corte Inglés.
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